Form: Corporate / In-House

Total Practitioner Time: 5 Days


Stream 1: Leaders that will be in charge of sponsoring and killing innovations when data doesn’t support the hypothesis
All Streams: 

  • Subject matter experts from each department

  • Creative and innovative executives that want to drive change

  • Communications and technology professionals

  • Technical Skill Level Required: Low (PowerPoint skills desirable)


Innovation is not the same as being creative or producing good ideas. It requires taught skills in areas of co-collaboration, creation of data-driven, testable hypothesis and building of minimal viable products.


A culture of innovation means that a business can innovate rapidly with clear process. Innovations must stem directly from the business strategy. Leaders must provide such guidance and innovators must provide supporting data in an attempt to focus resources.


Truly innovative businesses must be prepared to pivot in the face of evidence. This course teaches you how!

Stream 1: Inspirational Case Studies on Business Process, Product/Service Innovation & How Leading Companies Manage It.

Module 1: What is a culture of innovation?
Module 2: How do world class innovators succeed?
Module 3:  Divergent versus convergent innovation
Module 4:  Key roles and functions of inter-disciplinary and virtual teams


Stream 2: Practical Innovation
Module 1: Design thinking & sprint
Module 2: UI & UX design
Module 3: Creating minimal viable products
Module 4: Customer validation, qualitative and quantitative data analysis


Stream 3: Building a Culture of Innovation
Module 1: Revenue and business models
Module 2: Strategy and launch models
Module 3: Leveraging on-demand talent
Module 4: How enterprises are scaling ‘intrapreneurship’


  • Inspired as to ‘what is possible’

  • Methods for creating and testing innovations

  • A winning process for creating a culture of innovation and scaling innovation


Ionology certified professionals are successfully driving change in world leading organizations and government institutions using Ionology frameworks and methodologies. 


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All of our courses are made by industry experts that work every day with enterprise businesses helping them with their digital transformation. This means the case studies have been experienced first hand, the insights are real (not researched) and the delivery is authentic.


 Prof. Niall McKeown
 Courses Delivered:
 Leading Digital Transformation
 Building an AI Enabled Business
   Entrepreneurship & Innovation

CEO and Owner of Ionology. Co-author of the book ‘The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy’. Niall has helped business leaders around the world create new, sustainable competitive advantage and create a culture of innovation within their organizations.


We get it; we’re not Stamford, MIT or Emeritus and nor do we try to be. This is an Industry Certification.

We don’t repackage someone else’s case studies and research. We were there, with our customers every step of the way, building each and every case study that appears in our courses. Our lecturers are first and foremost digital transformation business professionals, not academics.
Unlike all other academic courses, our frameworks and practical methodologies are data-driven and AI enabled. We teach the most advanced, purpose built, data driven digital transformation framework and AI courses to global leaders across all industry sectors throughout the world.
If you’re looking for an academic accreditation that everyone else can buy, then our courses are not for you.


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