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If you’ve ever considered hiring a consulting firm —read a little more below about how we can help companies out.

Strategy & Technology Assessment Services


Our Strategy & Assessment services focus on addressing clients' key business needs, optimizing their business processes and helping them transform on a global scale. Leveraging Creative Five's years of experience and cross-industry expertise in business transformation, we offer a range of consulting services across domains, including creating balanced business strategy, business and functional performance management, digital maturity assessment, customer experience assessment and formulating corporate digital strategy to shape clients’ digital transformation journey.

Have an Outside Eye

Our professional consultants have worked with many different companies and industries including oil & gas, telecommunication, media, health care and retail industries among others.


We most probably have worked through similar problems in the past with someone else, so we can really provide a perspective based on what we’ve seen work (or not) before. And given this experience, we can often bring new and innovative ideas or possible challenges to the table that our clients probably wouldn’t have been able to see on their own.

Our Strategy & Assessment Services


  • Strategy Assessment

  • Digital Maturity Assessment

  • Customer Experience Assessment

Balanced Strategy

  • Business Strategy

  • Digital Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Balanced Scorecard.              

Digital Technology Assessments

  • Cyber Security & Compliance

  • Cloud Migration Assessment

  • IoT/AI use case development

Have the needed extra horsepower

Sometimes the problems you need solving are really important, but you don’t necessarily have the manpower to focus on them. Companies still have to focus on their day-to-day operations, after all, and new projects typically require reprioritizing employees’ core job responsibilities.

Our consultants basically serve as temporary, highly skilled employees. We’re not full-time employees of the company, so it is often cheaper to use us than hire someone new. Because we switch around companies often, we’re used to the fast learning curve, and onboarding us is easier. And, by using consultants, companies don’t have to pull their employees away from their actual jobs.

Strategic Maturity Assessments

Our Strategic Gap Maturity Assessment services are utilizing recognized industry-standard internal evaluation assessment tools that allow organizations to identify performance deficiencies.


A Gap Analysis is the process of comparing your current state to your desired future state, identifying and understanding the gaps that exist between the two states, and then creating a series of actions that will bridge the identified gaps. This is important because it helps management identify if their organization is performing to its potential and if not, why it is not performing to its potential. This helps to identify flaws in resource allocation, planning, production, etc.

The analysis will arm management with the knowledge to exploit their strengths and opportunities. It also allows management to develop strategies to mitigate any threats and compensate for identified weaknesses.

Strategy Evaluation

The strategy evaluation process involves analyzing your strategic plan and assessing how well you've done against achieving the goals in your strategy.


Maturity Assessment

Digital maturity model is a business tool used to assess the current multi-dimensions digital status of an organization to to identify needs to transform or improve.

Customer Experience Assessment

The CX Maturity Model helps organizations to map their CX maturity and identify areas for improvement that will translate across their entire organization


Formulating Balanced Strategy


The Balanced Scorecard is one of the best-known strategy frameworks ever created. It's been used by thousands of organizations since the 1980s. One study showed that approximately 64% of organizations in the US were using the Balanced Scorecard to measure business performance. 


Our services are based on the balanced scorecard institute nine-steps model which includes building a complete business as well as digital balanced scorecard system that helps our clients to:

  • Create a tangible road-map from the 'current state' to a more successful 'future state'.

  • Identify major roadblocks and areas where you lack the critical competencies to proceed to the next stage.

  • Articulate how your goals will directly help the organization to move upwards through the stages.

  • Prioritize business activities in the order they need to be tackled to allow the most rapid progression through the stages.


Gain Access to Specialized  Skills

By engaging us, you get access to a group of professionals that has skills ranging from Digital Gap Analysis, Change Management, Business and Digital Strategy formulation, management and execution to Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Management. 

Technology Assessment Services

Discover how well your business uses technology and map the best route to future success with our Technology Assessment

Security Assessment

Our Cyber Security Assessment services measure the maturity, resiliency, and strength of an organization’s cybersecurity efforts and ensures compliance with industry standards.


Whether public or private, if you are replatforming, rehosting, refactoring, or hybrid – for any cloud platform you choose – our assessment services  ensure success through every step of your migration journey.

Use Case

We help organizations create business value in a smart, connected world. Our IoT value roadmap defines the best IoT use cases for your business based on hundreds of customer interactions


Technology Assessments

One answer to this question is obvious: employing a method or program that’s been tested and found successful increases the chances that you’ll accomplish your goals, and that life will therefore be better for the folks who participate.


There are, however, further reasons why the use of a best practice can be advantageous.

  • Using a recognized best practice makes it easier to justify the work. If an organization or initiative is starting from scratch, the community – and especially potential participants – may be justifiably skeptical about what it’s doing. Demonstrating that it’s using a practice that has been shown to be effective can relieve at least some of that skepticism and gain support.

  • Using recognized best practices can bolster the credibility of an organization. It shows not only that the organization is using a tested process, but that it has been thinking ahead and conducting research to make sure it’s doing the best job possible.