Form: Corporate / In-House

Total Practitioner Time: 3 Days

Stream 1: All staff including managers and leaders
Stream 2: All managers and leaders
Stream 3: All managers in charge of delivering change

Technical Skill Level Required: Low (all Streams) Managerial Skills Required: High (Stream 2 & 3)


An airline pilot doesn’t need to calculate thermodynamics to understand the capabilities of a jet engine to take off and land safely. The same goes for business leaders, they don’t need to be technical to understand the business potential of emerging technology. They do however, need to understand its capabilities if they are to take off and land safely. 

This course takes non-technical business personnel through AI and other emerging technologies in order to:

  • Prepare the business so it can take advantage of emerging technology rapidly and with managed risk.

  • Understand the opportunities and challenges with blockchain, IoT and other trends.

Stream 1: An Introduction to Emerging Technologies and How it Impacts Strategy
Module 1: What is Blockchain, IoT and other emerging technologies
Module 2: What is AI and why is it different to all previous technologies
Module 3: Merging exponential technology adoption with linear business planning


Stream 2: Preparing Your Business for AI
Module 1: AI may seem distant but the time to plan for it is now
Module 2: The ethical questions that must be answered first
Module 3: Calculating the steps that will take you to a state of readiness
Module 4: Creating a plan of action


Stream 3: The Practical Hands On Experiments for Non-Technical Professionals
Module 1: Understanding structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
Module 2: Building an AI using Reinforcement Learning
Module 3: Building an AI using Supervised Learning
Module 4: Building an AI using Unsupervised Learning


  • Understand the business capabilities of emerging technologies

  • Have a deep understanding of what a business needs to do to prepare for AI

  • Gain hands on experience of AI

  • Understand key terminology, conduct fluent conversations with AI professionals and provide direction


Ionology certified professionals are successfully driving change in world leading organizations and government institutions using Ionology frameworks and methodologies. 


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 Prof. Niall McKeown
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 Leading Digital Transformation
 Building an AI Enabled Business
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CEO and Owner of Ionology. Co-author of the book ‘The 7 Principles of Digital Business Strategy’. Niall has helped business leaders around the world create new, sustainable competitive advantage and create a culture of innovation within their organizations.


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Unlike all other academic courses, our frameworks and practical methodologies are data-driven and AI enabled. We teach the most advanced, purpose built, data driven digital transformation framework and AI courses to global leaders across all industry sectors throughout the world.
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