Digital Transformation

Whether you are in the process of formulating your digital strategy, redesigning your customer experience, or looking for implementing new digital platforms, our purpose-built solutions & services provide great value to help you manage, track and accelerate your digital transformation journey 

Digital transformation is a journey not a destination

A successful transformation isn’t just about the technology, its about every aspect of your business. Harnessing the right transformation technologies will create nimble businesses, ensuring organizations achieve fast outcomes.

Creative Five differentiated approach
We deliver Business Transformation solutions and services which help businesses accelerate growth, optimize operational efficiencies while better servicing their customers in a trusted Cloud environment.


Wherever you are on the digital journey, we can help your organization move into this new reality with vision and confidence.

Our Services

Digital transformation is not just about digital technologies

It is evident that when digital transformation focuses solely on technology rather than the factors surrounding it, these transformation efforts are doomed to fail. It’s not as uncommon as you think–70% of all digital transformation initiatives at large companies fail to meet their goals.


So what is the main driver for successful digital transformation initiatives?

The answer is Digital Strategy. A digital strategy is a critical factor behind digital maturity, the grand pursuit of the digital transformation process. Among digitally mature companies, 80% have a clear, coherent strategy. Among companies in the early stages of digital maturity, only 15% had a clearly developed digital strategy.

It is vital for organizations to have a clear strategy in order to have a digital transformation. Part of crafting a clear strategy towards digital growth is having a framework to bring that strategy to fruition.


Creative Five has developed a unique integrated tmforum digital maturity model framework with balanced scorecard strategic planning framework to provide a unique approach to developing the most comprehensive and managed digital strategy.     


There is no one-size fit-all digital strategy!

Digital strategies are largely dependent on the needs and aims of your organization. As such, our approach is usually personalized to the needs of your business.


However, there are a few commonly cited features, such as:

  • Developing new business models

  • Enhancing customer experiences

  • Digitizing operations to address operational agility

  • Optimizing culture and leadership

  • Digitizing products and services

  • Enabling your workforce

  • Integration of digital technology to optimize your operations


Our assessment services range from digital maturity assessment, customer experience assessment to cyber security penetration testing, cloud migration assessment, applications portability and new artificial intelligence digital platform assessments.  

Strategy & Performance Management

Whether you decide for cloud SaaS version or on-premise version, we have the right software tool for managing your strategy and performance.


Advanced Professional Services

Digital transformation technologies are complex and requires integration of multiple technologies, cloud platforms and digital platforms utilizing artificial intelligence and IoT-enabled solutions. This requires unique and experience of wide range of skills and experience that Creative Five has gained over the years.

Our team consists of highly skilled, certified and experienced technical engineers that have provided similar services to multiple large enterprises in the US and around the globe. 

Our professional services man verticals can be viewed as below:

Automation software and purpose-built AI-enabled IoT Platforms

SMARTlli is our unique offering of purpose-built strategy, operation, automation software family as well as our leading AI-Enabled IoT platform.  

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Bringing  balanced scorecard-based strategy to life. It automates fully your Balanced Scorecard with Strategy Maps, Reports and Alerts and Extensive Dashboards.

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Bringing digital to recruitment process by adopting artificial intelligence in the recruitment matching game by implementing AI & our machine learning algorithms to a more efficient hiring process.

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Next generation IOT platform, purpose-built, secure digitization platform with enterprise grade analytics and AI/ML capabilities allowing organizations to embrace the industry 4.0 revolution. 

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Video analytics

SMARTlli Video Analytics take full advantage of our IoT Platform to deliver exponential value from all video data available from surveillance footage.